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Citreon Car Service

PHONE : (02) 6280 5400(02) 6280 6369

CITREON Car Service

Everlast Automotive was established in 2012 providing Canberra and Fyshwick motorists with an excellent, CITREON non-dealership, dealer servicing alternative. Everlast team are highly qualified mechanics and are dedicated to offering highly competitive rates for CITREON logbook and scheduled car servicing at their modern workshop in Canberra and Fyshwick.

The CITREON specialist team at Everlast Automotive will carry out CITREON logbook servicing strictly according to the CITREON approved service schedule, ensuring new car warranty is unaffected. Everlast Automotive also offer expert advice on CITREON repairs.

Everlast team are happy to provide advice and a firm quote for any CITREON Service or repair on request and are confident that they provide unbeatable value for money, offering options and experience with CITREON OEM quality after-market CITREON parts that won’t void warranty and save you money.

Everlast Automotive is equipped with the latest computer diagnostic tools to ensure your CITREON is serviced to the most correct and highest standards, and that all onboard systems function correctly, and the service history is well maintained.

If finding a local mechanic you can trust is important to you, contact the team today to discuss how Everlast Automotive can save some of your hard-earned and best meet your CITREON car service, performance or repair requirements.

PHONE : (02) 6280 5400(02) 6280 6369

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