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Purpose of the compressor in your vehicle

The compressor plays an integral role and the system cannot function without it. It’s main function is to create the appropriate amount of pressure on the refrigerant gas for it to activate it’s heat-transfer attributes and in turn changes the temperature.

This allows us to stay nice and cool in hotter weather and to maintain a clear windshield during those colder times in the year.

The compressor is propelled by the engine and driven by a pulley and drive belt.

Components and Variations of the A/C Compressor

The following components make up the compressor;

  • A housing that contains the compressor’s segments, oil fill & valves
  • Connections for a/c lines
  • Pulley that has electromagnetic clutch, also known as an EM clutch
  • Currently, the different types of compressors on vehicles are the following;
  • Variable / Fixed Swash Plate (this is the most common)
  • Rotary (Spiral & Vane)
  • Reciprocating
  • Electronically-driven (this are used in hybrid vehicles)

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