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Engine Replacements

Engine Replacements

When an engine replacement is required, the following are standard items included in quoting for warranty purposes;

  • Radiator & radiator cap
  • Thermostat & gasket
  • Cooling system flush with new coolant
  • Engine oil & oil filter

The following additional items are also included;

  • Timing belt (if close to being due as per service schedule)
  • Water pump (if in a location that’s easily accessible when the engine is removed)
  • Drive belts, pulley & tensioners (if required due to the condition of those arriving on a 2nd hand engine)
  • A/C system Degas (required before removing any a/c components before acquiring access to the engine for removal)
  • A/C system Regas (Everlast Automotive is licensed to refill the a/c system with gas after reassembly).
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