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Logbook Service

What do we do when we carry out a logbook service to your vehicle?
  • Load test battery
  • Carry out light check
  • Check wipers
  • Pressure test cooling system
  • Check coolant consistency
  • Check and top up fluids as required
  • Check condition of auxiliary belts
  • Check tyre condition & tread wear
  • Check condition of front brakes
  • Check condition of rear brakes
  • Check handbrake and adjust if required
  • Check suspension components & under body
  • Rotate tyres & adjust tyre pressures
  • Carry out vehicle mechanical & safety check
  • Replace engine oil, oil filter and any other service items scheduled
  • Road test vehicle and carry out final checks
  • Stamp logbook & change windscreen sticker
  • Clear service light if applicable

Why should I get a logbook service?

A logbook service could not be more important! Having your vehicle routinely serviced can have many positive effects such as;
*Extending the life of your engine.
*Reducing how much fuel your car consumes.
*Identifying & rectifying safety concerns before they become dangerous.
*Preventing moving parts from wearing out prematurely.
*Helps to maintain the vehicle to make registering your vehicle less stressful.
*Increases the resale values of your car.

What can happen if I don’t have a logbook service or interim service for an extended period of time?

Many things!
You may not realise you have developed an oil leak and the engine oil level may be low or even empty (this would have been picked up during a logbook service). This can cause serious damage, to the vehicle’s head gasket or pistons. We’ve even come across cars that needed new engines. A logbook service could have stopped this before the extremely costly damage occurred.

A logbook service schedule is created for a reason. It is created based on the estimated life expectancy of certain parts, the estimated time for contamination & debris to build up & the estimated time that a fluid can effectively maintain lubrication. Some logbook service scheduled items include but are not limited to the following;

Engine oil, oil filters, spark plugs, fuel filters, fuel pumps, air filters, cabin filters, valve clearances, brake fluid, clutch fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, transmission filter kits, front differential oil, rear differential, transfer case oil, auxiliary drive belts, pulleys, tensioners, timing belts, upper engine clean, fuel additive.

What is the main purpose of each of the items that are scheduled in your logbook service?

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