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Diagnosis & Repair

  • Light/s illuminated on your dash?
  • Vehicle cut out while driving?
  • Loss of power?  
  • Vehicle wont start?
  • Vehicle misfiring?
  • Vehicle hunting?
  • Overheating?
  • Losing Coolant?
  • Shuddering on Take Off?
  • Shuddering when Braking?
  • Steering Wheel Wobbling?
  • Grinding Noise Present?
  • Squealing Noise Present?
  • Leaking Fluids / Oils?
  • Smoke from Bonnet or Exhaust?


If you answered yes to any of the above, we recommend seeking the advise of a vehicle specialist immediately. Call us today for more information or advise. We are here to help!

Note- Our standard diagnostic fee is between $90 to $180, this is determined by our friendly reception team based on your symptoms. A $99 ECU scan may also be required to read diagnostic trouble codes or for watching live data.

Pre-approval of estimated diagnose fee will be required before we will inspect your vehicle.


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