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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Meets StandardsRequires Attention
Ownership Materials:
Logbook  & Owner's Manual--
Key opps incl Spare Key--
Mechanical Standards:
Hood Release--
Brake Fluid Condition / Level--
Power Steering Fluid Condition / Level--
Coolant Consistency/ Level--
Washer fluid level
Battery Condition/Load test--
Charging system opps--
Operational Checks:
Doors/liftgate/boot (incl seals)--
Seat adjusters--
Steering column adjuster--
Ignition switch--
Malfunction/warning  lamps--
Trip computer/ overhead console--
Heated Seats--
Heating, ventilation & A/C--
Horn operation--
Exterior light check--
Interior light check--
Door locks (all switches)--
Window operation--
Park brake--
Rearview & sideview mirrors--
Rear demister--
Seat Belts--
Convertible Top  / Sunroof opps--
Road Test:
Ease of starting--
Cold idle quality--
Gear selector operation--
Steering Performance:
Power steering & performance--
Steering wheel centre alignment--
Vehicle tracking performance--
Equipment Operation:
Cruise Control--
Sound system--
Power Train Performance:
Acceleration performance--
Clutch operation--
Upshifting performance--
Downshifting performance--
Steady throttle performance--
Transfer Case performance--
Braking performance:
Vehicle tracking--
Overall stopping performance--
Vehicle Comfort:
Free from wind and water leaks--
POST-Road Test:
Fluid Leaks - visual inspection--
All fluid levels (underhood)--
Maintenance Standards:
Auto Trans Fluid Level & Condition--
Manual Trans Fluid Level & Condition--
Front Diff Fluid Level (4x4 only)--
Rear Diff Fluid Level (4x4,RWD,AWD)--
Transfer Case fluid level (4x4,AWD)--
Front Brakes Condition--
Rear Brakes Condition--
Brake line condition--
Tyre tread wear & condition--
Tyre Pressures--
Spare Tyre--
CV Joints & Boots condition--
Exhaust condition--
Front suspension--
Rear suspension--
Steering Components--
Drive belts condition--
Engine Hoses--
Appearance Standards: Exterior
Body Panels--
Paint Condition--
Decals/emblems/trim pieces in place--
Glass/light covers--
Wheel/wheel covers--
Appearance Standards: Interior
Instrument Panel--
Door Panels--
Luggage Compartment--

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