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Radiator Replacements

Radiator Replacements

When replacing a radiator it is vital that the cooling system is completely flushed out to element all traces of existing coolant, debris and any other contamination. After replacing your radiator we fill your cooling system with the appropriate corrosion inhibitor or glycol coolant for your vehicle.

Note– Vehicles of different ages and manufacturers have different requirements and specifications that need to be met.

  • We then carry out the following procedures;
  • We check for electrolysis to avoid future radiator issues.
  • We pressure test the cooling system to ensure no leaks are present.
  • We carry out heat cycles.
  • We road test the vehicle.
What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is caused mostly by aftermarket accessories with excess electrical current traveling around with the coolant. It travels most commonly to the radiator in order to find an electrical ground. If the radiator has not been correctly grounded after being replaced, the coolant becomes an electrolyte because the radiator will accumulate the electrical current, causing erosion and radiator core damage. If electrolysis is found, it must be rectified immediately.

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