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A/C checks required BEFORE a regas can occur;

  • Check operation of heater fan blower
  • Check for air flow at cabin vents
  • Check temperature of air flow at vents if applicable
  • Check cabin filter
  • Check compressor clutch operation by hand if applicable
  • Check condition of belt/s
  • Check compressor operation
  • Check gas level
  • If Required, check for power at compressor
  • Pressure test a/c system with nitrogen and check system for leaks


Our a/c system checks are $90 and we require pre-approval for this amount before we will inspect your vehicle.

Pricing for regassing are as follows;

  • $285 for the majority of vehicles that take up to 1kg of R134A gas.
  • $315 for some vehicles that require 1-2 kgs of R134A gas.

Please Note

After Initial checks are carried out, if a regas is required the $90 diagnostic fee will be voided. For more information on pricing, please call our friendly team 🙂

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