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Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres

Everlast Automotive is proud to be Canberra’s FIRST Kumho Platinum Dealer!

With over 1000 Kumho tyres in stock, we are sure to have the right Kumho tyres to suit you & your vehicle’s needs.
Kumho tyres are fantastic tyres in all ways! They are well priced, backed with warranty and come packed with safety & performance.

Kumho Tyres come factory fitted on many car brands, including Jeep, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, BMW, Holden, Ford & Mercedes Benz just to name a few!

Pick a tyre brand you can trust! At Everlast Automotive, we pick Kumho Tyres in Fyshwick to keep us safe.

The quality and reliability of your tyres are paramount to you and your family’s safety on the roads! Your tyres are the only thing between you and the road and it is only a small amount (the size of your hand) on each tyre that even has contact with the road at any one time.

Tyres have three main functions;

  1. Provide the grip required for acceleration & braking.
  2. Maintain steering & control of direction.
  3. Support the entire weight of the vehicle (this is different for each vehicle).

Pick a tyre brand you can trust! At Everlast Automotive, we pick Kumho Tyres in Fyshwick to keep us safe.

Purchasing tyres isn’t just about matching the size, it is about far more than that! In most Kumho tyre sizes, there are different types of tread patterns available that are divided into different design categories. These categories can be for sport capabilities, fuel efficiency, highway driving and every day/around town driving, just to name a few.

Then in each of these different categories of tyre designs are multiple options of tread patterns. For example, in a sports Kumho Tyre category we have the following from our Extreme Sports V720 pattern down to our Touring Sports TA31 pattern;

As you can see from the above tyre patterns available in JUST the Kumho Tyre SPORTS category, we have many different options available & in stock to suit you and your vehicle’s needs. For more information on all the different types of Kumho Tyres we have, visit https://www.kumho.com.au/

You can even work out your vehicles tyre size if you are unsure. All you have to do is enter in your vehicle details then you can call us for pricing. If all else fails, we are here to help! So just pop in with your vehicle and our friendly staff will happily come out and get the tyre size for you.

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