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Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments

Everlast Automotive is home to a top of the line electronic wheel aligner.

Wheel alignments are important if you would like any of the following;

  1. To get the entire tread life from the tyres you paid for.
  2. To get the benefits for the tread pattern you chose for your tyres.
  3. To easily steer the vehicle without constant pulling to one side and undermining your driving.
  4. To get better fuel efficiency from your vehicle.

How can you tell if your vehicle needs an alignment?

The following are some easy tell tale signs to look out for;

  1. The front tyres are not wearing evenly (the centre or an edge of the tyre is wearing faster than the remainder).
  2. Your steering wheel is no longer lined up straight.
  3. Your vehicle pulls to one side (most obvious when driving in a straight line).
  4. The front end of your vehicle vibrates or wobbles after hitting a bump in the road.

If you are unsure, call us today and we’ll happily check it for you!

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